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Construction process

Construction is completed in a large percentage of the Fairfield area and we are currently taking orders for fiber services.

Note that the average cost to do a "drop" (that is, to connect an individual home to fiber) is over $1300. And, as an introductory promotion, LISCO is not charging any installation fees for a standard installation. 150 feet or less from the main fiber line to your house is "standard" and will cover most locations. Anything non-standard will be discussed with you before we proceed.

How to sign up
For residential services, complete the order form, drop permit and other paperwork and fax or mail to LISCO - download the forms here:

Residential Fiber Sign Up Documents

For business fiber service, please call for a quote.

What are the installation steps?
Here’s some background about the project that can help you understand the steps of the installation process.

Step 1. Building the optical fiber main lines to the neighborhoods:
We have completed installation of the main optical-fiber lines into individual neighborhoods and connected them to distribution pedestals. Distribution pedestals are the green boxes you see rising out of the ground in utility right-of-ways. There is usually one pedestal for each block.

Step 2. Installing a drop to your house:
The next step is to install drops (drops are the fiber that runs from the distribution pedestals to individual houses). We will only install drops where customers have ordered service. Fiber drops terminate to a gray box we will install on the side of your house. The box is 9” x 12” and usually located next to where the telephone box is currently located. This box houses a unit called an ONT (Optical Network Termination) which converts the optical signals coming through the fiber to electronic signals so they can be distributed to phones, computers, and TVs in your house.

The drop will be brought in either overhead or by buried cable. If your existing services come in overhead, then we will most likely use the same access method for your LISCO fiber service.

When we install a drop, we first look at the drop permit you sent us. If there are any concerns you have noted, we will contact you to discuss them where necessary. To contact you, we will use the information you provided on the drop permit.

We use the latest technology to bury cable. We don’t use traditional trenching. Instead, we use a machine that vibrates a sharp blade into the ground and buries the cable with minimum disturbance to your yard. After a week or so, it’s hard to see where the work was done.

Or, where necessary, we may use a machine that will bore underground to a small hole we dig and fill back in, near the box on the house.

Either way, we will do our best to minimize any disturbance to your property …except it will now be connected to optical fiber.

Step 3. Installation of service
After the drop has been installed and tested, we will schedule an appointment to set up service inside your house. You will need to be home and present during this final installation step.

Here are some of the things that will happen as part of this installation.

Power for the ONT box
We will mount a power supply device inside the house to provide electrical power and battery backup to the ONT box on the outside. We will need to plug into a regular power outlet inside the house for this purpose. The battery backup will keep your phone working even if there is a power failure.

Phone hookup
We will hook phone service to your existing phone lines that run to the phone box on the outside of your house. Usually, for one or two lines, this will be done as part of the installation, at no extra charge.

If your phone service installation is for more than two lines, there may be an installation fee to cover necessary extra equipment or inside wiring. We will, of course, discuss this with you before we do it.

We will test your phone service before we leave to confirm it is working, answer any questions you might have, and leave you some documentation about using your phone features.

Internet hookup
We will connect your router or computer to our ONT box outside the house to provide internet service. If necessary, we will run new Ethernet cable to your router or to your computer at no charge, if we can run wiring through an open attic, open basement, or on the outside of the house. If you want us to run wiring inside the walls, flooring or ceiling, that will be an extra charge and requires a custom bid.

Using a test computer, we will check the internet data speed coming directly out of the ONT box and also test the speed at one of your computer locations.

Speed issues
Sometimes there can be quite a difference in speed between what the ONT box is delivering and what the same speed test shows at a computer in your house. The difference is because the routers, switches, or computers can’t keep up with the 100 Mbps data speed. We find this is true even for equipment that says it is 10/100 Mbps compatible.

In most cases this won’t matter because the speed will still be adequate to provide the best internet experience you have ever had. However, if you want to improve your local speed, we can do an audit of your home network and recommend specific changes or upgrades to equipment for a fee.

The audit will include a written report. The report would include a recommendation of specific equipment that we know will work and an estimate of what LISCO would charge to install it. Of course, you would have no obligation to have LISCO do this work. You would be free to do it yourself or hire anyone you choose

Television hookup
LISCO’ s advanced IPTV television service is also available.

You’ll get more than 270 music and video channels – including the Big Ten Network and the NFL Network – all in digital quality, including standard and high definition programming, premium channels, local channels. DVR is also available. Go to our TV page to learn more about the great features included with LISCO TV.

Get your home connected to fiber now. Buy local, save money, empower yourself and your family, and start experiencing the best phone and internet and TV service in America.