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100 Mbps Internet Service
Although 100 Mbps Internet service is common in Korea and Japan, it’s still rare in the U.S. In Fairfield, LISCO is changing that.

100 Megabits per second, both upload and download,
is our standard service.

By comparison, a typical residential cable modem service downloads at a rate of 3 to 5 Mbps, and uploads at speeds much slower than that.

Gigabit bandwidth
LISCO Fiber technology can deliver even more - up to a Gigabit (1000 Mbps) of bandwidth to every home and business.

Today’s new computers and network routers come with Gigabit ethernet ports. Now local businesses can connect together at these advanced speeds.

Having this capacity makes Fairfield truly able to compete in the new global economy. Just add entrepreneurship.

Unlimited Choices
Recently we see an unprecedented growth in delivery of television, films, and other video products over the internet. It seems every week we hear of new TV programs and films being offered for download over the internet. These are typically very large files and only an infrastructure like LISCO Fiber can provide the bandwidth needed to take full advantage of these new choices.

LISCO Fiber is Fast Both Ways

LISCO Fiber internet service offers amazing speed both ways—both when sending and receiving data. DSL and cable modem systems typically give you their fastest speed only one way. That’s because they are a work around or a forced fix of an older, pre-internet infrastructure. Copper phone line technology dates back to 1876. Coax cable systems date back to 1948 and were originally designed to carry information one way only. Copper and cable internet solutions attempt to push information through systems that were not designed for the job. LISCO Fiber has no such limitation.

Real World Internet Speeds
100 Mbps Internet speed refers to those portions of the internet under LISCO’s control. Other factors, not under LISCO’s control, such as your computer, the network equipment in your house, the overhead of optical fiber transport, and the speed of the internet itself will all affect your real-world speed. However, the limiting factor will not be your LISCO Fiber service.

LISCO Fiber Speed Test
Test the speed of your computer's connection to the LISCO data center. This test is calibrated to measure transfer speeds up to 100 Mbps.