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What's happening? 
LISCO was awarded approximately $13 million in loans from the RUS (Rural Utilities Service) to install high speed broadband technology via Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) to every home and business in Fairfield, Iowa. Over this optical fiber infrastructure, LISCO now delivers television, internet, and phone services, all of superior quality and better value than any competitor. Fairfield residents with fiber optic connections enjoy a whole new level of telecommunication services, equal to or better than any city in the United States.

What’s optical fiber?
Optical fiber is the new American standard for the most advanced high speed broadband telecommunication technology. Long, fine strands of glass carry information on beams of light. Compared to metallic wire, optical fiber carries thousands of times more information. Since it uses light, not electrical energy, it is not susceptible to lightning or "cross talk" interference between wires in the same cable. It’s inherently protected from power surges, static, noise, and hum. It’s also more secure. Conversations on fiber are immune to electronic eavesdropping. And it’s reliable. Unlike metal, optical fiber doesn't corrode. A communication system based on optical fiber is much easier to maintain.

What’s high speed broadband FTTP?
FTTP stands for Fiber-to-the-Premise. In the U.S., optical fiber already connects many towns and cities. But within the towns, the connection to the homes and businesses is via old, limited copper-wire technology dating back to 1876. LISCO is replacing this old, out of date technology with strands of fiber running to every home and business in Fairfield. Experts say developing this kind of high speed broadband infrastructure is critical for America to stay competitive in the global economy.

What does LISCO Fiber mean to our customers?
You get the latest and the best telecommunications services at the lowest prices. You have access to the most advanced services available in digital television, high-speed Internet, and local and long-distance phone service. As a result, the quality, variety, speed, reliability, and value are unmatched by any competitor. You get only one bill and one local company to deal with for friendly, fast customer service. Expect to save money. And speaking of money, with LISCO you have the satisfaction of seeing your dollars stay in town and get recycled back into the local economy.

Keep your options open -- be smart--and read the fine print!

Be careful about signing long-term contracts that would prevent you from having all the high speed broad band services that LISCO Fiber provides or that lock you into deals where costs go up dramatically after the special is over. LISCO is the best high speed broadband service priced competitively. Our integrity: many claim this, but LISCO walks the talk. We do not tempt you in with rock bottom deals that you'd never go for if you read the fine print! We mean it when we say "no gimmicks, no surprises, no hassles".

What are the benefits of LISCO Fiber to southeast Iowa?
We are well into the Information Age, an age in which globalization is a dominant force in the economy. We also are coming out of one of the most difficult economic periods in the history of the country. Fairfield, like other towns, has experienced these changes and many local companies have been able to reposition themselves to compete more effectively in the global economy because of LISCO Fiber. Fairfield will continue to prosper because it has broadband technology to support innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills.

LISCO Fiber has positioned Fairfield to better compete in the global economy. LISCO Fiber can provide businesses in Fairfield with a global reach second to none. LISCO Fiber makes Fairfield attractive to new businesses and gives existing ones a boost. Scores of testimonials acknowledge LISCO’s experience in providing and supporting broadband expansion in Iowa.

LISCO Fiber plays a vital role in the health of the local economy. In the Information Age, all progressive communities will need high speed broadband technology to continue to prosper. In the 19th century, a town’s future depended on the railroad coming there. In the 20th century, the nation was transformed, especially rural areas, through electrification. In the 21st century, the future depends on access to high speed broadband technology especially through fiber optic connections.