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The Sound of Light

LISCO Fiber phone service is the highest quality, transmitted by a digital signal over optical fiber. Carried by light, conversations are absolutely clear, free from hum, static, and other noise. Digital switching allows all the latest calling features, including caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, etc. And because the signal is carried by light, conversations are immune to electronic eavesdropping.

Long Distance Included
Included in your residential phone service are 1500 minutes of long distance per month on your main line for calls to all 50 States and Canada. For international calling charges to other areas click below to see the rate chart.


Calling Features Included

* Enhanced 911
* Speed Dialing
* Call Waiting

Three-way Calling
* Caller ID Name and Number (can display on LISCO IPTV)
* Call Forwarding
* Automatic callback
* Home intercom
* Caller ID per Call Blocking
* Cancel Call Waiting


Friendly Features
LISCO Fiber allows many interactive features. For example, say you’re watching your favorite TV show and the phone rings -the info of the person calling pops up on the TV screen so that you can decide if you want to answer the phone or let your voice mail get it.

Can I keep my phone numbers?
Yes. If you switch your phone service to LISCO Fiber, all your existing phone numbers can come with you.

What phone charges are included in the monthly charge?
The monthly phone service prices for LISCO residential phone service include the fees that you often get charged extra for on your phone bill such as SLC (Subscriber Line Charge – sometimes called the Federal Access Charge) and EAS (Extended Area Service).

However, the monthly charge does not include Federal and State taxes and items like the USF (Universal Service Fund) or 911 charges. These amounts change according to Federal or State regulations. They are the same for every phone company.

Can I get more than one number?
Yes. For only $10 per month you can have a second line. (Does not include free long distance)

Virtual PBX for business

LISCO provides advanced digital business phone services that allow even the smallest business to interact with customers as if they had an expensive telephone switch. Businesses can provide extension phones to remote offices anywhere that have broadband internet service. This opens up a cost effective and easy way for local businesses to expand and collaborate in the global marketplace. Or, even more simply, it allows employees the ability to work from home.