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IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is the latest, most advanced technology for delivering television programing. All the channels are high digital quality, delivered via optical fiber to your home.
This means potentially more choices and a better quality picture for you.

LISCO TV packages
Local plan includes more than 25 local broadcast channels. Family plan adds the extended tier to the local plan to give you over 170 music and video channels. We offer 49 channels broadcasting exclusively in high definition. Premium channels can be ordered as a package of four or individually - including HBO, Starz!, Showtime and Cinemax. All are crystal clear, of high digital quality.

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Click here for LISCO TV Manual.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
We now offer a DVR option with Whole House capacity. This means that programs recorded on one DVR box can watched on any of the set top boxes in the house. LISCO DVR service allows 3 video streams, so you can record two programs at once and watch a third program, or record 3 programs at once, or watch 2 programs on different televisions while recording a third. A very flexible feature that ensures you will never miss your favorite shows!

High Definition channels
If you have a high definition television, LISCO can provide you with HD access to all HD channels and programs whenever stations transmit in HD.

High definition access is available for the new generation of television, with a high-resolution image. It also delivers high-end, surround sound audio. An HDTV image is an absolute jaw-dropper the first time you experience it. It looks real.

The HDTV signal uses a wide screen format that makes it easier to follow the action in sports programs. Almost all the networks are already carrying some HDTV programming. So are many of the premium channels, like HBO and Discovery.

Compared to cable, optical fiber has an enormous bandwidth advantage. This will be important for any multiple-TV household that wants to watch and/or record more than one HD program at a time.

HDTV is the future of television, and LISCO Fiber is the best means for delivering it.

Other LISCO TV features
Other state-of-the-art features offered with LISCO TV include:

  • Program guide
  • Easy-to-use universal remote
  • Search function: find programs by program name, topic, actor and more.
  • Pause live television
  • Option to create multiple "favorite channels" lists
  • Parental controls
  • Expanded program descriptions
  • Option to set program reminders
  • Series recording
  • Interactive games
  • Local weather
  • Local movie listings
  • If you also have LISCO telephone service, caller ID can display on TV

Top premium channels
When you subscribe to one of our four premium services (HBO, Starz!, Showtime, Cinemax) you can select from current movie favorites to original programming, any time of the day.

Video On Demand
Playboy subscription available now, other VOD options coming soon.

The Future of Television
We are seeing an unprecedented growth in delivery of video products as downloads over the internet. These downloads can be very large files and only an infrastructure like LISCO Fiber provides the bandwidth needed to take full advantage of these new choices. The future will offer almost unlimited choices, and LISCO Fiber brings that future to you.