Ready for an upgrade from dialup? Want to bundle your phone and internet service together to save some money? LISCO's SOHO packages are your solution.

Business and residential customers in Ottumwa, Mt. Pleasant, Pella, Knoxville, Burlington and Sigourney can take advantage of these reliable packages:

Phone Features
SOHO 1/1024k Package, 1 ph line, features, 1024k symmetrical internet connection
SOHO 1/1536k Package, 1 ph line, features, 1536k symmetrical internet connection
SOHO 1/2048k Package, 1 ph line, features, 2048k symmetrical internet connection
SOHO 2/2048k Package, 2 ph lines, features, 2048k internet connection
SOHO 3/2048k Package, 3 ph lines, features, 2048k internet connection
SOHO 4/2048k Package, 4 ph lines, features, 2048k internet connection

SOHO Features include Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Speed Dialing and Call Forwarding. Multi-line customers also get free Call Hunting which is also known as rollover.

It's so easy! You can keep your current phone number(s) and get your phone and internet on one bill while enjoying a generous amount of phone features for free. For those upgrading from dialup for the first time, you'll find our DSL to be so much better. Our DSL service is up to 36 times faster than dialup. Also, unlike dialup, you can use your phone and the internet at the same time.

Appropriate Use Policy

Are there any activation or setup fees?
LISCO waives all installation fees when you sign a one year agreement. Without this commitment there is a $125 activation fee.

Do I need any special equipment?
All high speed internet including DSL requires some type of equipment to use the service. LISCO's SOHO-1 packages require a DSL modem that you can either rent from us for $5/month + tax or purchase from us at $79.95 + tax. These costs are in addition to the monthly rate of the plan you choose.

LISCO's multi-line packages such as SOHO-2 or higher use a different type of equipment known in-house as an IAD. This equipment is installed by a LISCO engineer and is provided at no cost to you and will be retrieved should your service with us end.

What about Long Distance?
You can continue to use a current Long Distance Provider if you are happy with their service or LISCO can help you find a new provider. The Long Distance market is very competitive and changes all the time. We can help you find the best deal available based on your calling patterns.

What about email?
LISCO provides five free emails to residential customers and ten free addresses to all of its business customers. This includes our spam and virus filter available for free for all addresses.

Do you have Static IPs available?
Yes. LISCO has static IPs available for any of our high speed internet services including any of the SOHO packages. The cost is a $30 setup fee and $10/month for 1 address or a $30 setup fee and $20/month for 2-5 addresses.